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If I were blue, would you be there for me,
And whisper in my ears that's ok.
Would you stand by me, let me hold you tight,
And say you love me one more time.

If I feel good, would you slow dance with me?
And touch my lips with tender loving care?
Would you die for me?
Would you run with me?
And never look back..

Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there..

If I am away, would you still think of me?
And wish that you could hold me now?
Would you die for me?
Would you run with me, all the way?
Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there to save my soul tonight?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be there to kiss my pain away?
Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there..
for me?

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Movies List In 2011
14-01-11, Love, Drugs & Sex
21-01-11, The Tourist
26-01-11, The Burlesque
05-02-11, The Black Swan
20-02-11, Just Go With It
25-02-11, No String Attached
27-02-11, King's Speech
27-02-11, I Am Number Four

Movies List In 2010
18-01-10, Avatar
24-01-10, New York, I Love You
03-02-10, The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
11-02-10, Valentines Day
21-02-10, 14 Blades
06-03-10, Agathe Clery
14-03-10, Up In The Air
30-03-10, Confucius
08-04-10, Clash Of The Titans
16-04-10, A Single Man
24-04-10, Kick Ass
14-05-10, Iron Man 2
22-05-10, Shrek 4 27-05-10, Sex & The City 2
05-06-10, Sex & The City 2 (Again)
18-06-10, The Karate Kid 2010
05-07-10, Toy Story 3
16-07-10, The Twilight Saga : Eclipse
25-07-10, Harry Potter 6
13-08-10, Aftershock
30-09-10, Detective Dee
14-10-10, Reign Of Assassins
24-10-10, You Again
04-11-10, Jackass 3D
04-11-10, Mega Mind 3D
06-11-10, Due Date
08-11-10, Social Network
13-11-10, Unstoppable
20-11-10, Harry Potter 7 Part 1
14-12-10, Rapunzel

Movies List In 2009
01-01-09, Bedtime Stories
08-01-09, The Passenger
12-01-09, The Women
13-01-09, Red Cliff 2
29-01-09, Changeling
02-02-09, Bride Wars
05-02-09, Underworld - Rise Of The Lycans
10-02-09, Inkheart
14-02-09, The Other End Of The Line
17-02-09, All's Well, Ends Well 2009
18-02-09, Defiance
22-02-09, Outlander
26-02-09, He's Just Not That Into You
26-02-09, Pink Panther 2
01-03-09, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas
06-03-09, Push
07-03-09, Last Chance Harvey
10-03-09, Marley & Me
16-03-09, Race To Witch Mountain
18-03-09, Street Fighter : Legend Of Chun-Li
29-03-09, Confessions Of A Shopaholic
11-04-09, Knowing
15-04-09, Killshot
27-04-09, Fast & Furious 4
03-05-09, X-Men Origins:Wolverine
09-05-09, X-Men Origins:Wolverine
16-05-09, Dive
28-05-09, Terminator Salvation
15-06-09, Taking Of Pelham 123
03-07-09, Transformer 2
04-07-09, Ice Age 3(3D)
06-07-09, Duplicity
18-07-09, Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
08-08-09, UP(3D)
02-09-09, The Proposal
08-09-09, Coco Before Chanel
09-09-09, Year One
28-09-09, The Ugly Truth
10-10-09, Julie & Julia
26-12-09, Alvin & The Chipmunks 2
27-12-09, Sherlock Holmes
28-12-09, Planet 51

Movies List In 2008
01-01-08, National Treasure 2
13-01-08, Le Grand Chef
25-01-08, 27 Dresses
30-01-08, The Mist
16-02-08, CJ7
23-02-08, Jumper
01-03-08, P.S. I Love You
02-03-08, Meet The Spartans
07-03-08, The Water Horse
24-03-08, Spiderwick Chronicle
29-03-08, Horton
17-04-08, Definitely, Maybe
06-05-08, Iron Man
09-05-08, What Happens In Vegas
14-05-08, Harold & Kumar 2
23-05-08, Indiana Jones 4
25-05-08, Man Of Honour
06-06-08, Chronicle Of Narnia 2
07-06-08, Sex & The City
10-06-08, Kungfu Panda
15-06-08, Incredible Hulk
25-06-08, You Don't Mess With The Zohan
26-06-08, Wanted
07-07-08, Hancock
21-07-08, Batman:Dark Knight
01-08-08, Spiritc
21-08-08, Money No Enough 2
03-09-08, Wall-E
19-09-08, Boys Over Flowers
26-09-08, Painted Skin
27-09-08, Mamma Mia
01-10-08, Connected
04-10-08, House Bunny
08-10-08, Eagle Eyes
18-10-08, Max Payne
20-10-08, Butterfly Lovers
26-10-08, High School Musical 3
07-11-08, Madagascar 2
10-11-08, Quantum Of Solace
17-11-08, Coffin
29-11-08, Beverly Hills Chihuahua
08-12-08, Four Christmas
08-12-08, Cape No.7
12-12-08, The Day The Earth Stand Stood
16-12-08, Bolt
23-12-08, Yes Man

Movies List In 2007
07-01-07, Curse of the Golden Flower
14-01-07, Fly Boys
03-02-07, Adrift
03-02-07, The Queen
10-02-07, Apocalypto
14-02-07, Epic Movie
25-02-07, Ghost Rider
27-02-07, Norbit
07-03-07, Primeval
09-03-07, Dreamgirls
17-03-07, Messengers
24-03-07, 300
02-04-07, Mr.Bean Holiday
08-04-07, Number 23
08-04-07, Reaping
05-05-07, Spiderman 3
11-05-07, 28 Weeks Later
20-05-07, Next
27-05-07, Pirates Caribbean 3
28-05-07, Blades Of Glory
02-06-07, Shrek 3
22-06-07, Fantastic 4
29-06-07, Transformer
06-07-07, Die Hard 4
14-07-07, Harry Potter 5
21-07-07, Vacancy
27-07-07, Disturbia
03-08-07, Knocked Up
05-08-07, Perfect Stranger
08-08-07, Secret
09-08-07, Hostel 2
17-08-07, Rush Hour 3
18-08-07, Licence To Wed
31-08-07, Ratatouille
02-09-07, No Reservation
06-10-07, Savage Grace
12-10-07, Resident Evil 3
12-10-07, I Now Pronounce Chuck & Larry
13-10-07, The Brave One
01-11-07, Game Plan
09-11-07, Doraemon Movie
16-11-07, Bee Movie
16-11-07, Beowulf
18-11-07, Stardust
24-11-07, Enchanted
30-11-07, Fred Claus
07-12-07, Hitman
08-12-07, Mr Magorium Wonder Emporium
08-12-07, Golden Compass
22-12-07, Warlords
25-12-07, I Am Legend

Movies List In 2006
14-01-06, Memoirs Of Geisha
26-01-06, Fearless
04-02-06, Fun With Dick & Jane
14-02-06, Firewall
15-02-06, I Not Stupid Too
20-02-06, The Pink Panther
22-02-06, Final Destination 3
03-03-06, Underworld Revolution
08-03-06, Big Momma's House 2
20-03-06, V For Vendetta
25-03-06, Hills Have Eyes
29-03-06, Dorm
30-03-06, Ultraviolet
06-04-06, Ice Age 2
15-04-06, Inside Man
21-04-06, 8 Below
30-04-06, The Wild,
05-05-06, Mission Impossible 3
06-05-06, When A Stranger Call
20-05-06, Da Vinci Code
24-05-06, X-Men 3
03-06-06, She's The Man
09-06-06, Silent Hill
10-06-06, Omen 2006
16-06-06, Fast & Furious 3
23-06-06, Scary Movie 4
03-07-06, Superman Returns
13-07-06, Pirates Of Carribean 2
26-07-06, Lake House
01-08-06, Dragon Tiger Gate
14-08-06, My Super Ex-Girlfriend
16-08-06, Click
24-08-06, The Break-Up
26-08-06, Ghost Game
26-08-06, Devil Wears Prada
06-09-06, Little Man
09-09-06, Gigolo Wannabe
01-10-06, Miami Vice
01-10-06, Devil Wears Prada AGAIN!!!
07-10-06, John Tucker Must Die
08-10-06, You, Me and Dupree
14-10-06, Rob-B-Hood
18-10-06, Departed
21-10-06, Prestige
24-10-06, Silk
27-10-06, Dead Or Alive
08-11-06, Covenant
17-11-06, Casino Royale
23-11-06, Happy Feet
29-11-06, Open Season
02-12-06, Saw 3
12-12-06, The Holiday
16-12-06, Eragon
16-12-06, Charlotte's Web
22-12-06, A Night At Museum

Movies List In 2005
03-02-05, Elektra
15-02-05, Constantine
22-02-05, Hide And Seek
01-03-05, I Do I Do 08-03-05, Hitch
24-03-05, Swing Girls
09-04-05, Beauty Shop
14-04-05, Creep
22-04-05, Infection
05-05-05, House Of Wax
13-05-05, Amityville House
25-05-05, Star Wars III
02-06-05, Unleashed
16-06-05, Mr. And Mrs. Smith
27-06-05, Initial D
02-07-05, War Of The World
07-07-05, Fantastic 4
13-07-05, Batman Begins
21-07-05, The Island
28-07-05, Stealth
04-08-05, Charlie & Chocolate Factory
18-08-05, The Maid
04-09-05, Red Eye
24-09-05, The Myth
30-09-05, Dark Water
14-10-05, Deuce Bigalo Male Gigolo II
22-10-05, Flight Plan
31-10-05, Doom
12-11-05, Tom Yum Goong
16-11-05, Harry Potter 4
23-11-05, Just Like Heaven
30-11-05, Chicken Little
02-12-05, Aeon Flux
06-12-05, Saw II
09-12-05, Chronicle Of Narnia
14-12-05, King Kong
20-12-05, Perhaps Love
31-12-05, Family Stone

Movies List In 2004
09-01-04, Paycheck
23-01-04, Magic Kitchen
13-01-04, Mona Lisa Smile
25-01-04, Silver Hawk
03-02-04, Love Me If You Dare
07-02-04, Gothika
18-02-04, Along Came Polly
25-03-04, My Girl (Thai)
18-04-04, Starsky & Hutch
09-05-04, Van Helsing
03-06-04, Harry Potter 3
19-07-04, Brotherhood
23-07-04, I-Robot
27-07-04, Spiderman 2
17-08-04, Catwoman
21-09-04, Terminal
22-09-04, Anacondas 2
13-10-04, Wimbledon
15-10-04, White Chicks
09-11-04, Shark Tale
25-11-04, Bridget Jones 2
25-12-04, Kung Fu Hustle

Movies List In 2003
25-02-03, Catch Me If You Can
30-05-03, Bruce Almighty
12-07-03, 2 Fast 2 Furious
02-08-03, Daddy Day Care
07-10-03, Running On Karma
07-11-03, Wishing Stairs

Movies List In 2002
08-08-02, My Left Eye Sees Ghost
20-09-02, Close
19-11-02, Harry Potter 2

Movies List In 2001
13-04-01, Master Q 2001
07-06-01, The Mummy Returns
19-06-01, Visible Secrets
04-08-01, Para Para Sakura
26-08-01, Rush Hour

The List Of Movies In 2000
08-08-00, U 571
25-08-00, Hollow Man

The List Of Movies In 1999
16-07-99, The Truth About Jane And Sam


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011
One Last Entry... Good Bye BLOG SPACE...

Below entry was suppose to be posted for the month of Aug...

but never posted it till today...


1st Aug 2010,

saw "D.D" was online and he was commenting on something which i tot he shouldn't... i was upset with what i saw... hence being me! i can't help to confront him... but he denied it. or maybe i shouldn't confront him if i want to make the r/s last long... cos i know if once i bring it out things changes... and yes.. it did change somehow...

Trust is a fragile thing.
Once earned it affords us tremendous freedom, but once trust is lost, it can be impossible to recover.
Of course, the truth is, we never know who we can trust.
Those we're closest to can betray us.
In the end, most people decide to trust only themselves.
It really is the simplest way to keep from getting burned

got this from Gossip Girl... admit that is a bimbo show... but i guess it does make some sense sometimes... he told me tat he wasn't using it... then at the end who i am seeing online commenting...?

i feeling that something is going wrong.. and he is surely hiding his tots... something that he never really wanted to share with me... and he stopped calling me dear or babe... then soon no flying kissing over skype.. ever since i bring up that cam4 incident..  i was upset.. cos is not something i can control.. although i so wan to see him again.. and maybe i will never have a chance if he did not decide to settle down in SG...

i wanted to wait and i dun mind waiting... never been so determine before... but having him treating me like a friend.. i can't anymore... i still trying to save this r/s... i never want to be friend only with him... cos he is like the 90% of my ideal partner...

looking at our past conversation... it just seems like i am losing you slowly day by day...

i shouldn't pushes you away when i know you could have be the best thing tat happens to me...

Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me

Babe... you lost me...


it's been a year since i last posted an entry...

guess being out of love is the main reason why i stop doing it... although i have been loving to share all the food photos with the people who visits my blog. be it whether you are a total stranger or someone who i know personally.... thanks for being supportive although i stop writting my personal feelings here....

if you are those reader who loves all the food pictures...  you can find me on facebook or search for Toshiyaki Yuki

add me and you get to follow me with all the food... lol..

anyway today is "D.D"'s Birthday... decided i should post this entry to let everything comes to an end...

12 am sharp, a year ago i remembered i was sitting in front of the piano... trying to play a happy birthday tone over the phone for "D.D"... wasn't something expensive but it was from the bottom of my heart....

Tonight i actually recorded me singing "Happy Birthday To You" to him when the clock strike 12am.

not sure after all he appreciated what i have tried to do but i believe i had tried hard enough to love him for who he is (he was one hell of a 90%)... as much as i tot i found it but i lost it right in another second....

last week out of the blue he msn me... asking how am i doing... told him i was fine.. days later he asked if i know the singer named ADELE... then he posted the following link....

he told me that it reminded him about me... i was happy that after all this Song that i have been listening to countless times (more than 1000 according to my itunes) have some meaning to him.

He then said "I Wish Nothing But The Best For You" followed by the link... the song of Adele "Someone Like You"

i drop my tears once again

For the Melody...

For the Song...

For the Lyrics...

and for YOU...

I couldn't stay away i couldn't fight it.
I'd hoped you'd see my face & that you'd be reminded
that for me it isn't over. (I never really let go of it)

Nevermind, i'll find someone like(better than) you.
Don't forget me I beg (although i do wish you will never forget me)

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts (for our case it hurts in the end)

You'd know how the time flies.
Only yesterday was the time of our lives (i know you one year ago but it just seems like yesterday though)

P.S "D.D."
Take Care and Good Bye. I wish you all the best with the things and person in your life. Please just let me go...


Posted at Tuesday, May 24, 2011 by Toshiyaki
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Friday, July 30, 2010
2010 Jubilant July

1st July 2010,

i waited till 12midnight... n was waiting for the call, or sms even an email...

24 years .... birthday hasn't been remembered by my family... mum n dad never really remember it... never really have a birthday celebration at home with just the 5 of us together... except for my 21st which i planned it...

that's why i treat it so seriously... but maybe to someone else they never really understand how will it feel to be forgotten, especially by ur family or the love one......

i ended up diden wan to think much even though he called...

the next morning (2nd July) in office was normal... as planned we are going to Tiong Bahru with my colleagues for lunch.. before that... got a call from dad... tot he will say happy birthday to me.. but he diden.. he jus asked about if i have purchase his carpark coupon... haiz...

anyway lunch was at Tiong Bahru Plaza's Beppu Menkan Japanese Restaurant

My Cod first ramen... fish was really fresh... n very nice... must try...

We also shared the Fried Mashed Potatoes with Crab meat (Love this alot!, must try), and Gyoza is nice too..

then colleague bought some mini cake.. and we sang the b'day song for me and Hwee Suan.. since hwee suan's birthday is on Monday after mine..

this year no cake... unless derek will to surprise me with one real big one.. lol...

then in the evening, i drop by all the three Marc store to buy them some bread... since i going over to Isetan to pick up the Lanvin necklace... then meet up with a new friend Ryan, since i got no one to meet on my pathetic birthday...

we had dinner @ Cineleisure.. Burger, Bench & Bar...

My Japanese Curry Tori-Katsu Burger with Russet Potatoes Chips, curry sauce was nice... chips was quite nice... over all so so lar...

3rd July 2010, Sat

last night diden really sleep well... last min packed my bags... think what will happen when i finally got to see him...

head to the airport... having extra time..Spotted on Men's Folio July Issue with My Furla Bag! Hehe...

guess i made a right choice... lol... so yea... there i went... KL... Derek picked me up from the Airport...

was really anxious to first see him... he is jus pretty the same from the webcam on skype... so as he was driving... i felt we are going fine... feeling is so right... so i made my move on touching him... grabbing his arm... and then he just grab my hands on place it on his laps...

and that's when i know, HE IS the ONE... one who never fails to hold my hand when he drives... we headed to the Media Hotel since i diden manage to book Saturday at Tunes Hotel... we rested awhile before he drove me to Bangsar Shopping Centre

Dinner was at HOUSE+Co (It is a Furniture Store + Cafe, serving local dishes) one of his favourite hangout when he is back in KL...

his Bee Hoon (Very thai style, sweet and refreshing, topped with Fish Sauce, taste like mango bee hoon salad that i had somewhere before.. can try...)

My Nasi Lemak (The coolest presentation out of all the Nasi Lemak i ever had before... but also one of the most ex de cos is RM24. but the sambal chili i can't help to stop taking more, spicy chicken is tender and NICE, you can see they served the whole stick of cucumber LOL, and this is one of the MUST TRY)

i initiate to take photo with him with the first time... afraid that i might not have a photo of us (like what happened to Jason and I), and although he doesn't like to take photo, he took with me.. =)

ya ya.. knowing you will hate/angry seeing ur pictures here... i have no bad intention... hope u could understand... plus... it's not like i have alot of pictures of u to be upload to here... =x

4th July 2010, Sun

the next morning he came over to pick me up then we check out and went to Bangsar Village to have lunch at Delicious... Onion Rings with Aioli (Best onion ring, thin coat of flour, must try too bad singapore don't have...)

His Crab Meat Omellete with Toast Bread

My Scramble eggs with salmon topped with Caviar (Love the the combination, it's a hearty breakfast)

then we checked into Tune Hotel @ Kota Damasara - My Room 327 (4 Star experience with 1 Star price) love the view... just that is a little noisy sometimes along the road.

dun we just look like a twin? whaha. one double eye lid and one single eye lid... been always wanting to look for someone like myself.. and i think derek did fit what i want physically... maybe this is one of the reason why i want him so much..

we rested (in his arms, how i wish that can happen every single night) till late evening...

then headed to SS2's night market... for dinner.. Ching Teng... So sweet~~~, u get wat i mean? lol

One of the best Fried Kway Teow I tried so far! Crispy Sausage as toppings! yummy! MUST TRY.. lol

Delicious Char Siew Zhu Chang Fen... =)

5th July 2010, Mon

dear came over to pick me up.. then we headed to KLCC... on the way to town.. passing by these kind of old houses... some ppl did just hang his singlet on the tv antenna

lunch at KLCC's Madam Kwan's... I had Nasi Bojari (the chicken thigh is damn nice and crispy, Asam Prawn and Beef Rendang)

we had a piece of Otah Otah... Chewy OTAH!!! lol

we shared a Acar too... not that bad lar...

Dear just love Ice Lemon Tea.. lol...

went to Kinokuniya and saw this nano lego bricks... so i got it for Jeremy's birthday...

went to Massimo Dutti, and bought Chris' B'day gift there... The Massimo Dutti's Woven Leather Bracelet

got myself one too =) The Massimo Dutti's Double Tour Leather Bracelet

Then went to The Curve... bought tickets to watch Toy Story 3 at night.. then got some of these old magazines about bags of some designer brands.

Everyday when we are driving on the way to town.. this Milo billboard always caught my attention... especially the figuring on top of the platform.. looks scary.. lol

Dinner @ Sunway Giza's Mr. Tom Yam - Thai Ice Tea (very Nice!)

Phad Thai noodles with chicken wrapped with egg (hmmm! Tot suppose to be wrapped but dish turns out the egg on top the noodles! LOL, but I can say is the noodles is SUPERB!)

babe can really eat loh... whaha.. i wish i can be like him eat so much also not that fat... whaha... we shared (Shredded papaya salad, so so nia)

babe's Hot Basil Chicken & Sunny Side Up with Rice (So so nia)

follow by Movie at Damansara Cathay - Toy Story 3... holding his hands and watch the movie is something that i looking forward for so many months... after movie, he send me back to hotel, and he stayed for awhile... then he have to leave... haiz... i was expecting he would stay... since it was my last night.. but he diden... =(

6th July 2010, Tues

a Good citizen is someone who follows the law! Yaya! Can't imagine babe with bother to pay for the public car park using this machine!!!

Lunch nearby One Utama area with babe, Best Curry Chicken Laska I ever had, the chicken is DAMN tender! Keep wanting more! Had their Char Siew and Roast Pork Meat, damn nice too (but was too hungry ended diden take picture)

after that we went to another shopping centre.. and i got a Topman Skinny Carrot pant... just love the cut...

the way on the car to Airport, something happened in the car... something that i am sure both of us will never forget.. at least for me i will never... and it is something that i will be doing it only... anyway we were early, so he parked the car along the road side for awhile so that we can spend a little more time... so we got lame and start playing with the sunglasses..

actually i wish i can stay even longer... i jus wanted to just see him longer... 4days just passed like that.. and yes... i told myself i will wan to wait for him for his return... but i have doubts... doubt about whether he will choose singapore or kl... cos till now i never know who he really is.. he always give me a feeling that he is hiding something from me...

I kissed him hard like there is no next time... Love you, babe... you are special... and u know it...

9th July 2010,

spotted on the train, a lady carrying knockoff "Chanel Cocoon"

12th July 2010,

Lunch @ Anchorpoint's Swiss Bake with Colleagues - $9.90 Lunch Set (Salad and Chicken Sausage Pizza, nice!!!)

15th July 2010,

on my way to work in the morning, this "show-offer" watching a movie on his iPad, creating unnecessary noises to all the passengers in the cabin around him!

16th July 2010,

Lunch with Michelle @ Harbour Front's Mac! My 20pcs Spicy Nuggets! Woots!

Shake shake fries with Honey Chipotle Seasoning! Still like the Seaweed Seasoning more!

One shot bought 4 of these iPhone Case.. loving it!

19th July 2010,

on the way home Spent 35min on this game! 2nd in global ranking! Lol! I got addicted Liao!

20th July 2010,

Lunch at Ikea with Colleagues - My Fish Filet Pasta! (Yummy!)

Bought a big cup from IKEA for office use.

Bought a Laptop Cushion Thingy from IKEA for home use too

21st July 2010,

with colleagues at Anchorpoint's TCC (New Menu) - Beef Steak on Crispy Puff (Sauce wasn't great, Puff to buttery taste)

My Pan-fried Salmon with Citron Wine Cream Sauce (Salmon is fresh, sauce is perfect)

23rd July 2010,

dinner @ POMO's TCC with Jeremy - My Tuna Tataki Spaghetti (not as nice as I tot it will be, too garlic!)

His Shroom & Splash Gratin (lots of prawn, not bad)

Jeremy got me this card as a gift for his Aust's Perth Trip (but need to construct it myself, so complicated)

The Belated B'day Gift Exchange with Jeremy

A Recycled Sofa Leather Card Case

then we did dessert @ 1caramel with Jeremy, a place that we will gossip about ppl walking pass us... lol.. and i ordered Bois De Rose Ice Tea (Never try their tea, it's horrible plain)

we shared Secret Garden (Nice)

and Warm Apple Crumble (nice too)

24th July 2010,

Belated B'day Gift from BFF Chris... THANKS for getting me a 4GB iPod Shuffle

Chris GAGA's 24th Sweet and Sugar Party @ PLAY - He is posing with his LOST LEGO Torch Necklace next to his Flaming Tower

25th July 2010,

went out with Chris and Raymond... then Lego Head Light Gift from Chris! Thanks! Loving it alot!

@ Paragon's Grandma's with BFFs - Curry Fish Head (can skip this order)

Deep Fried Chicken Wings (Nice, can try)

Assam Sotong (Must Try)

Sambal Long Bean

Claypot Beancurb (Soso)

ice Glass Jelly

Crispy Chris GaGa

Spicy StingRAY

Toshi yummy Me!

26th July 2010,

Lego Takopachi @ work, Shining on me!

27th July 2010,

Office Cafeteria - Japan Week! Authentic Hokkaido Ice Cream (Love the Japanese Red Milk Tea the most, Black Sesame quite Standard) i do wish to have the chance to eat one in Japan.. arhz...

Burn off 500 Calories in 50mins! Muhaha! That's only my lunch!!!!!

28th July 2010,

Lunch @ ABC Market - $2 Wanton Mee

Fresh Mango Ice ($2 only! Damn shook!)

29th July 2010,


30th July 2010,

another pair of socks gone case again! What the Rain!!!

Lunch @ Jack's Place with Colleagues

My Combo of Lamb chop, Chicken Chop and Dory Fish Filet (Love the chicken n fish, jus nicely cooked)

Yea yea... i know my post are very very due... i guess all because of what i have been going through with Derek? things changes i guess... but will talk about it more what happen on next entry onwards...

At the point of time i think i am still in love with Derek... wanting to find someone else to keep me occupied so that i wouldn't have to think of Derek.. but he is the one that i really missed whenever i am lonely... songs in my mp3 or iphone just makes me think of him every now and then...

Posted at Friday, July 30, 2010 by Toshiyaki
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