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If I were blue, would you be there for me,
And whisper in my ears that's ok.
Would you stand by me, let me hold you tight,
And say you love me one more time.

If I feel good, would you slow dance with me?
And touch my lips with tender loving care?
Would you die for me?
Would you run with me?
And never look back..

Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there..

If I am away, would you still think of me?
And wish that you could hold me now?
Would you die for me?
Would you run with me, all the way?
Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there to save my soul tonight?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be there to kiss my pain away?
Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there..
for me?

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Movies List In 2011
14-01-11, Love, Drugs & Sex
21-01-11, The Tourist
26-01-11, The Burlesque
05-02-11, The Black Swan
20-02-11, Just Go With It
25-02-11, No String Attached
27-02-11, King's Speech
27-02-11, I Am Number Four

Movies List In 2010
18-01-10, Avatar
24-01-10, New York, I Love You
03-02-10, The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
11-02-10, Valentines Day
21-02-10, 14 Blades
06-03-10, Agathe Clery
14-03-10, Up In The Air
30-03-10, Confucius
08-04-10, Clash Of The Titans
16-04-10, A Single Man
24-04-10, Kick Ass
14-05-10, Iron Man 2
22-05-10, Shrek 4 27-05-10, Sex & The City 2
05-06-10, Sex & The City 2 (Again)
18-06-10, The Karate Kid 2010
05-07-10, Toy Story 3
16-07-10, The Twilight Saga : Eclipse
25-07-10, Harry Potter 6
13-08-10, Aftershock
30-09-10, Detective Dee
14-10-10, Reign Of Assassins
24-10-10, You Again
04-11-10, Jackass 3D
04-11-10, Mega Mind 3D
06-11-10, Due Date
08-11-10, Social Network
13-11-10, Unstoppable
20-11-10, Harry Potter 7 Part 1
14-12-10, Rapunzel

Movies List In 2009
01-01-09, Bedtime Stories
08-01-09, The Passenger
12-01-09, The Women
13-01-09, Red Cliff 2
29-01-09, Changeling
02-02-09, Bride Wars
05-02-09, Underworld - Rise Of The Lycans
10-02-09, Inkheart
14-02-09, The Other End Of The Line
17-02-09, All's Well, Ends Well 2009
18-02-09, Defiance
22-02-09, Outlander
26-02-09, He's Just Not That Into You
26-02-09, Pink Panther 2
01-03-09, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas
06-03-09, Push
07-03-09, Last Chance Harvey
10-03-09, Marley & Me
16-03-09, Race To Witch Mountain
18-03-09, Street Fighter : Legend Of Chun-Li
29-03-09, Confessions Of A Shopaholic
11-04-09, Knowing
15-04-09, Killshot
27-04-09, Fast & Furious 4
03-05-09, X-Men Origins:Wolverine
09-05-09, X-Men Origins:Wolverine
16-05-09, Dive
28-05-09, Terminator Salvation
15-06-09, Taking Of Pelham 123
03-07-09, Transformer 2
04-07-09, Ice Age 3(3D)
06-07-09, Duplicity
18-07-09, Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
08-08-09, UP(3D)
02-09-09, The Proposal
08-09-09, Coco Before Chanel
09-09-09, Year One
28-09-09, The Ugly Truth
10-10-09, Julie & Julia
26-12-09, Alvin & The Chipmunks 2
27-12-09, Sherlock Holmes
28-12-09, Planet 51

Movies List In 2008
01-01-08, National Treasure 2
13-01-08, Le Grand Chef
25-01-08, 27 Dresses
30-01-08, The Mist
16-02-08, CJ7
23-02-08, Jumper
01-03-08, P.S. I Love You
02-03-08, Meet The Spartans
07-03-08, The Water Horse
24-03-08, Spiderwick Chronicle
29-03-08, Horton
17-04-08, Definitely, Maybe
06-05-08, Iron Man
09-05-08, What Happens In Vegas
14-05-08, Harold & Kumar 2
23-05-08, Indiana Jones 4
25-05-08, Man Of Honour
06-06-08, Chronicle Of Narnia 2
07-06-08, Sex & The City
10-06-08, Kungfu Panda
15-06-08, Incredible Hulk
25-06-08, You Don't Mess With The Zohan
26-06-08, Wanted
07-07-08, Hancock
21-07-08, Batman:Dark Knight
01-08-08, Spiritc
21-08-08, Money No Enough 2
03-09-08, Wall-E
19-09-08, Boys Over Flowers
26-09-08, Painted Skin
27-09-08, Mamma Mia
01-10-08, Connected
04-10-08, House Bunny
08-10-08, Eagle Eyes
18-10-08, Max Payne
20-10-08, Butterfly Lovers
26-10-08, High School Musical 3
07-11-08, Madagascar 2
10-11-08, Quantum Of Solace
17-11-08, Coffin
29-11-08, Beverly Hills Chihuahua
08-12-08, Four Christmas
08-12-08, Cape No.7
12-12-08, The Day The Earth Stand Stood
16-12-08, Bolt
23-12-08, Yes Man

Movies List In 2007
07-01-07, Curse of the Golden Flower
14-01-07, Fly Boys
03-02-07, Adrift
03-02-07, The Queen
10-02-07, Apocalypto
14-02-07, Epic Movie
25-02-07, Ghost Rider
27-02-07, Norbit
07-03-07, Primeval
09-03-07, Dreamgirls
17-03-07, Messengers
24-03-07, 300
02-04-07, Mr.Bean Holiday
08-04-07, Number 23
08-04-07, Reaping
05-05-07, Spiderman 3
11-05-07, 28 Weeks Later
20-05-07, Next
27-05-07, Pirates Caribbean 3
28-05-07, Blades Of Glory
02-06-07, Shrek 3
22-06-07, Fantastic 4
29-06-07, Transformer
06-07-07, Die Hard 4
14-07-07, Harry Potter 5
21-07-07, Vacancy
27-07-07, Disturbia
03-08-07, Knocked Up
05-08-07, Perfect Stranger
08-08-07, Secret
09-08-07, Hostel 2
17-08-07, Rush Hour 3
18-08-07, Licence To Wed
31-08-07, Ratatouille
02-09-07, No Reservation
06-10-07, Savage Grace
12-10-07, Resident Evil 3
12-10-07, I Now Pronounce Chuck & Larry
13-10-07, The Brave One
01-11-07, Game Plan
09-11-07, Doraemon Movie
16-11-07, Bee Movie
16-11-07, Beowulf
18-11-07, Stardust
24-11-07, Enchanted
30-11-07, Fred Claus
07-12-07, Hitman
08-12-07, Mr Magorium Wonder Emporium
08-12-07, Golden Compass
22-12-07, Warlords
25-12-07, I Am Legend

Movies List In 2006
14-01-06, Memoirs Of Geisha
26-01-06, Fearless
04-02-06, Fun With Dick & Jane
14-02-06, Firewall
15-02-06, I Not Stupid Too
20-02-06, The Pink Panther
22-02-06, Final Destination 3
03-03-06, Underworld Revolution
08-03-06, Big Momma's House 2
20-03-06, V For Vendetta
25-03-06, Hills Have Eyes
29-03-06, Dorm
30-03-06, Ultraviolet
06-04-06, Ice Age 2
15-04-06, Inside Man
21-04-06, 8 Below
30-04-06, The Wild,
05-05-06, Mission Impossible 3
06-05-06, When A Stranger Call
20-05-06, Da Vinci Code
24-05-06, X-Men 3
03-06-06, She's The Man
09-06-06, Silent Hill
10-06-06, Omen 2006
16-06-06, Fast & Furious 3
23-06-06, Scary Movie 4
03-07-06, Superman Returns
13-07-06, Pirates Of Carribean 2
26-07-06, Lake House
01-08-06, Dragon Tiger Gate
14-08-06, My Super Ex-Girlfriend
16-08-06, Click
24-08-06, The Break-Up
26-08-06, Ghost Game
26-08-06, Devil Wears Prada
06-09-06, Little Man
09-09-06, Gigolo Wannabe
01-10-06, Miami Vice
01-10-06, Devil Wears Prada AGAIN!!!
07-10-06, John Tucker Must Die
08-10-06, You, Me and Dupree
14-10-06, Rob-B-Hood
18-10-06, Departed
21-10-06, Prestige
24-10-06, Silk
27-10-06, Dead Or Alive
08-11-06, Covenant
17-11-06, Casino Royale
23-11-06, Happy Feet
29-11-06, Open Season
02-12-06, Saw 3
12-12-06, The Holiday
16-12-06, Eragon
16-12-06, Charlotte's Web
22-12-06, A Night At Museum

Movies List In 2005
03-02-05, Elektra
15-02-05, Constantine
22-02-05, Hide And Seek
01-03-05, I Do I Do 08-03-05, Hitch
24-03-05, Swing Girls
09-04-05, Beauty Shop
14-04-05, Creep
22-04-05, Infection
05-05-05, House Of Wax
13-05-05, Amityville House
25-05-05, Star Wars III
02-06-05, Unleashed
16-06-05, Mr. And Mrs. Smith
27-06-05, Initial D
02-07-05, War Of The World
07-07-05, Fantastic 4
13-07-05, Batman Begins
21-07-05, The Island
28-07-05, Stealth
04-08-05, Charlie & Chocolate Factory
18-08-05, The Maid
04-09-05, Red Eye
24-09-05, The Myth
30-09-05, Dark Water
14-10-05, Deuce Bigalo Male Gigolo II
22-10-05, Flight Plan
31-10-05, Doom
12-11-05, Tom Yum Goong
16-11-05, Harry Potter 4
23-11-05, Just Like Heaven
30-11-05, Chicken Little
02-12-05, Aeon Flux
06-12-05, Saw II
09-12-05, Chronicle Of Narnia
14-12-05, King Kong
20-12-05, Perhaps Love
31-12-05, Family Stone

Movies List In 2004
09-01-04, Paycheck
23-01-04, Magic Kitchen
13-01-04, Mona Lisa Smile
25-01-04, Silver Hawk
03-02-04, Love Me If You Dare
07-02-04, Gothika
18-02-04, Along Came Polly
25-03-04, My Girl (Thai)
18-04-04, Starsky & Hutch
09-05-04, Van Helsing
03-06-04, Harry Potter 3
19-07-04, Brotherhood
23-07-04, I-Robot
27-07-04, Spiderman 2
17-08-04, Catwoman
21-09-04, Terminal
22-09-04, Anacondas 2
13-10-04, Wimbledon
15-10-04, White Chicks
09-11-04, Shark Tale
25-11-04, Bridget Jones 2
25-12-04, Kung Fu Hustle

Movies List In 2003
25-02-03, Catch Me If You Can
30-05-03, Bruce Almighty
12-07-03, 2 Fast 2 Furious
02-08-03, Daddy Day Care
07-10-03, Running On Karma
07-11-03, Wishing Stairs

Movies List In 2002
08-08-02, My Left Eye Sees Ghost
20-09-02, Close
19-11-02, Harry Potter 2

Movies List In 2001
13-04-01, Master Q 2001
07-06-01, The Mummy Returns
19-06-01, Visible Secrets
04-08-01, Para Para Sakura
26-08-01, Rush Hour

The List Of Movies In 2000
08-08-00, U 571
25-08-00, Hollow Man

The List Of Movies In 1999
16-07-99, The Truth About Jane And Sam


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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
2010 Juicy June...

1st June 2010,

Waiting for bus outside office... This catchy M1 card ad caught my attention... wat the fuck... this kind of ad also can think of! isn't it too sexy?

2nd June 2010, Wed

in office toilet, gosh... damn the horny bastard in the office... All the horny asshole drawing on the glass sticker... Carrie with a dick, Samantha breast seems even bigger... lol...

3rd June 2010, Thurs

Lunch with Kevin at Anchorpoint's TCC, his Red Hot Chicken Spaghetti

My Mentaiko Spaghetti with Salmon Tataki (heavenly good, MUST TRY)

4th June 2010, Fri

Lunch with colleagues @ Anchorpoint's TCC again.. =) michelle's Seafood Aglio Oilo (really spicy)

Siok Fen's Chicken & Turkey Bacon Lasagne (hot and actually so so lar)

My Down-To-Earth Beef Steak.. nice and chewy...

after work meet up with my ex-internship friends... to celebrate Michelle's B'day @ Arthouse's Timbre... we shared Calamari (so so nia, dun need to try)

Spicy Buffalo Wings (must try)

the Half Half pizza of Seafood and Triple Mushroom.. not really my favourite cos not my choice! lol

the Crispy Duck and Four Cheese pizza... (four cheese favour is a must try... their Crispy Duck is nice too.. but the sweet sauce is alittle too sweet..)

Happy Birthday to Michelle... Her Husband is away to States for training for months.. just like me lor.. the love one is miles away... her husband very sweet lor... send her a powerpoint greeting card.. haiz... having a little secret in my heart.. i recently found out Michelle younger brother is AJ too.. quite good looking de lor.. but  i think michelle will be quite heartbreak...

5th June 2010, Sat

yea yea... my 3rd day with TCC.. lol... @ Atrium's TCC with Stanley.. his chili beef soup...

my favourite beef mozza-tofu (do i have to say how nice it is? whaha.. slups)

both of us had azuki freeze... =)

His Jalapeno Salmon (nice! so curry! LOL)

My Sea Perch with Wasabi Vinaigrette (love the sauce but the fish is a little bit too dry) =( Love the Juciy tomato hehe...

then we went to Ann Siang Hill's CU ktv pub...

6th June 2010, Sun

4th day with TCC again... @ Marina by The Bay's TCC with Jeremy...

His Pan-fried Barramundi with Passionfruit-Ginger Sauce (fish is a little dry too)

my Oven-baked chicken with Spiced Cream Sauce (freaking nice... Love the sauce, even Jeremy like it too)

after dinner we have a slow walk...

settle down at Prive... very very bad bad bad service.... pledge never go back... Jeremy ordered Caramelised Banana & Macadamia Crumble with Vanilia Ice-cream (not nice)

Fruitty Sponge Cake (simple and nothing special)

My TWG Chamomile Tea (ya ya.. the world's finest tea... haha.. but that tea bag worth only dollar plus only...)

9th June 2010, Thurs

yes... my reservist unit is Airport Kins.. =) reservist next year March...

10th June 2010, Fri

first time spending so so so much on a bag... yes... is on discount and after asking a few person if the bag is worth buying anot... Furla - Uomo S/S 2010 Amsterdam Bag... $671 after discount.. am not rich enough to buy BV like Jeremy did... only afforable this.. is versatile enough...

12th June 2010, Sat

night out with Chris... suppose to attend the puma event @ ION.. ended up wasted my trip...

so ended up we went to 313 Somerset's Kamado (Japanese Grill)

Uzura Tamago (Quail's Egg), Hotate Ebi (Scallop & Prawn) MUST TRY, Aikamo (Duck Breast) tasted like beef but is another must try...

Miso Nasu Buta (Miso Eggplant with Pork) Two Thumbs Up! super Must Try!!!

Unagi (Eel) damn with eating this dish!, Asparagus Maki (US Asparagus with Bacon) quite taste not too salty.

Buta Bara (Pork Belly) Damn nice!!! Soft n tender! MUST TRY, Yakitori (BBQ Chicken) quite nice too.

Zucchini Cheese (Japenese Cucumber wraps Cheese topped with some sour) erm new stuff try at ur risk.

13th June 2010, Sun

Meet up with Chris for Dim Sum Lunch at Ngee Ann City's Imperial Restaurant, fried dumplings, nice!

Char Siew Zhu Chang Fen, my all time favourite

beancurb prawn cake, nice...

the steamy stuff.....

Saw this ad while waiting train at Raffles Place. Hmmm... Are they trying to Tell us that not to go into retail line cos u simple need 24years to get from Sales Assistant to Sales Manager

17th June 2010, Thurs

sometimes i Envying my female colleagues that they have their husband to send them to work and fetch them home...

everyday going home kena sandwich by so many stinky ppl.. =(

18th June 2010, Fri

today half day.. company event again... went to watch The Karate Kid.. it is nice!

after that meet up with Jeremy and his bffs (Max and Li Ling) @ *Scape's The Raindrop Cafe

Juicy Beer-Battered Mushrooms (it's really juicy inside, worth trying)

Soft shell Crab with Wasabi Mayo... so worth ordering... it's crispy outside and soft inside...

both Jeremy and Max had this Crispy Salmon with Asparagus! (salmon not very fresh cos got that fishy smells... and i dun feel the crispy skin at all.. Asparagus is not fresh or have over-cooked)

Li Ling's Grainfed Ribeye Steak (jeremy says it is better than chilis' bus i dun think the steak is cooked to what Li Ling asked for)

Cream Brulee... The top sugar crust isn't crispy at all... guess their jus rushed our order because they just wan to rush us off the restaurant by 8pm.

My choice of Green Pear poached with Cabernet Sauvignon served with Vanilia Ice Cream, i like it very much.. =) one thing i must say.. their dessert is quite afforable... =)

we went window shop at DFS Scott.. i tried on the Ralph Lauren Kid's.. n i can wear their Large...

when Jeremy and I was on our way to Stereolab, we passby the Everbest @ Marina Square, guess if you couldn't afford a Hermes Birkin.. u can get it from Everbest then...

the last time i hear from Derek was his email... saying he is busy and tired after his last paper... then no news... tried emailing him... sms him.. call him.. all no reply... his phone seems to be off all the time... blackberry mails was all bounce back... left offine msg both on skype n msn also no reply...

20th June 2010, Sun

dinner with jeremy @ Holland Village's Everything With Fries (Pick You Main, Choose Your Fries and Select Your Greens)

His lamb burger with Garlic and Herbs Striaght Cut Fries.. so so lar...

my Tandoori Chicken Sandwich with curry straight cut fries is Superblicious good...

yea yea, shiok my life.. first time i came across with an Indian Bridal Car...

we went to 2AM Dessert but was close on sunday... so we went to Serene Centre's Island Creamery, my Soursop and Pear sorbet ice-cream... this is the cheapest deal of a ice-cream)

His Khalua Latter Ice-cream...

bought a tube of Ping Pong Milo home too hehe (is mashmellow in milo favour ice-cream)

22th June 2010, Tues

bought somethings during New Balance Warehouse Sales... =) $15 dollars for the dry-fit shirts... and $40 for the shoes..

wanted to get this G-shock watch once available... =) Dee & RIcky Limited Edition Watch. =)

Day 3 without you...

23rd June 2010, Wed

Day 4 without you.

24th June 2010, Thurs

yea yea... my sis had all the rice and left me these .....

Day 5 without you...

In Love With You
Come to me now....I'm In Love WIth You
Never Want To Stop Missing You,
Never Want To Stop Loving You,
Never Want To Forget About You....

I finally got him replied...

guess no matter wat reason he is giving me... i am buying off it... cos i have really gone over board and played with FIRE... and i know i have already burnt my fingers... hope it will never get my heart burn one day....

25th June 2010, Fri

the heaviest rain... and yes... even Orchard Road was flooded... my shoes are so wet until it dyes my new socks.

Day 6 without you....  
The night is long... and i need your touch.
Don't want to be alone tonight.
What can i do to make u mine, fallen so hard so fast this time.
What did i say and what did you do,
How did i fall in love with you....
Just want you to know i never want to say goodbye.
finally i got a reply from you.

26th June 2010, Sat

dessert after home dinner... ICE CREAM... yea yea... Ping Pong Milo no more liao...

27th June 2010, Sun

dinner with Jeremy @ Triple One Somerset's Italiannies, my lemonade

His Lasagna Ravina (Very Very big portion, but not really worth it... too cheezy and less meat found...)

My Salmon Fettuccine (I took the regular portion... yup portion is just nice... but if you are not a true cheese lover, i will say dun try it.. because the cook uses the traditional cheese which tastes and smells like people who just puked) lol...

28th Jun 2010, Mon

booked my ticket to 3rd to 6th July. =) since he is not coming back, then i fly over there...

30th Jun 2010, Wed

michelle showing off her new tattoo socking.. lol...

and the mother-to-be, Siok Fen... and Ah Lian Michelle.. lol...

after work, headed down to Balenciaga to get the bracelets....

but only one of them was mine.. =) yea... the Giant Rose Gold Bracelet!!!

meet up with Mike and Vin @ Paragon's The Soup Restaurant, pictures taken while waiting to get in...

Black Pepper Deer Meat

the must order Samsui Ginger Chicken.. yummy...

Ginger and Spring Onion Stir fried with Fish Slice... was not bad as usual...

Scallop with soft toufu... =) too much gravy le... but toufu is really nice... scallop got 7 pieces nia...

Dang Gui slices stir-fried with Baby Kai Lan, simple and healthy

Sweet Corn & Carrot Soup with Pork Ribs

Guess we have been friends for more than 5 years liao lor... old liao...

then we went to Mandarin Gallery's The Society Bistro for dessert as my Advance Celebration for my b'day....

We ordered 4 Items to share, but surprisingly we were served with extra scoops of Home-made ice-cream! (Must try the Rum & Raisin)

the tiramisu was not really nice.. guess u can skip it...

the Citron Tart was worth trying... it is quite refreshing because of the lemon paste and it is not too sweet.. the tart is a little bit hard though...

the Bananierre Chocolate Cake, chewy chocolate coating, sweet banana flesh in the middle, worth trying =)

last but not least.. my favour Vanilla Panna Cotta with Macaroon... guess this is my very first time to trying a proper one... and i simply love it very much... panna cotta could be a little more smooth though...

yea yea.. my presents are adult toys (lub and rubber toy..... lol.. =x)

Posted at Wednesday, June 30, 2010 by Toshiyaki
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Sunday, May 30, 2010
2010 Mellow May

1st May 2010, Sat

Public Holiday, so went to the pool to tann...

just realize i hasn't been folding my washed clothes... this is how many i got to fold.

in the eveing, meet up with Jeremy, we went down to Orchard - Cuppage there for SanTouKa (the hokkaido ramen), as i did the cut out from 8days magazine got one for one... good deal...

we shared the Tori-karrage (it is crispy and salty at the same time, but worth ordering)

then i had their Tokusen Toroniku Shoyu Ramen (guess i am not used to the salty soup base... but overall is not that bad.. i like the piece of meat....)

then we headed down to Mandarin Gallery's ArTeaStiq, my favourite tea place. =), i had Monet - French Rose Tea with Champagne Vanilla Gelato (love the taste of the gelato) two thumbs up!!!!

Jeremy had Beauty Yang II - Oolong Tea with Lychee Tea Gelato....

2nd May 2010, Sun

went to gym workout... finally rain after a HOT week...

8th May 2010, Sat

Mother's Day Celebration at Yishun - Northpoint's Mayim Chinese Restaurant (Tian Le Li) with Mum, Brother and Sister...

Their Fried Dumplings is a must order.... no need to say.. jus look at it is damn crispy liao right?

Steamed dumplings with red oil sauce (not that bad... can try... although i think Ding Tai Feng one is better)

Fried Steamed Dumplings (Guo Tie) ok lar... so so... Imperial Treasure one is the best...

Pan-fried Cod Fish (can try, quite fresh although is a bit pan-fried)

Shanghai Stir-Fried Beef (so so lar..)

xiao long bao (so so, but can try)

Sour and Spicy SOup (mum quite like it)

Vegetable & mushroom Dumplings (can try)

Jui Cai Dumplings (nice)

Stir-fried French Bean wih Tou Fu

Stir fried Celery with Deer Meat (don't try, cos not what we expected... looks so diff from the menu...)

Honey Pork Ribs topped with fried Garlie flakes... (must TRY) damn freaking nice, cos is sweet? lol...

Mango Sago with Pamelo... must try... nice...

their mango pudding is also must try... yummy...

9th May 2010,

Sun after terence finish work, i met him up to catch up a bit, so we went to Mandarin Gallery's Wild Honey... i order a latte and a raisin scone (is a expensive scone)

terence ordered the Pancake with Bacon strips... =) looks nice...

10th May 2010, Mon

finally i can buy this Marc by Marc Jacobs Packable Shopper... it is really light lar... guess nowadays i like blue alot than red.. whaha...

11th May 2010, Tues

Late lunch treat by colleague Bay Yong @ Comtech's Food Barn, My cheese steak sandwich... really nice if u are a beef n cheezeeeee lover...

12th May 2010, Wed

Bought these from Depot Heights... Blueberry and Chocolate Cheeze tarts... too cheezy for me liao... but they are famous de.. alot of OL buy...

and when i was on the shuttle bus heading towards Queenstown MRT... i saw this.................

yea! a oily n wet patch on the bus glass window... it makes me wonder what kind of hair product some ppl apply on their hair... *pukes* can fry roti prata le!! lol... =x

13th May 2010, Thurs

lunch we all went to Anchorpoint's Sakuraya for celebrating the May Babies...

their tempura squid is nice... =)

Tempura Chicken stick... ok lar... can try...

My Unagi Bento Set ($18) quite worth it for this big portion.

Bay Yong had this Katsu Chicken Cutlet.

everyone's favourite... salmon sashimi...

14th May 2010, Fri

after work meet up with Jeremy, we went to ION's Gusttimo, he tried the Ribeye Steak with mashed potatoes... he like it quite alot...

and i had my first $28 buck of Wagyu Beef Burger Sandwich with Fries... (it is really nice... tender... and not to forget the fries too!!)

always when i visit a restaurant... i will always wan to try their Tiramisu... especially an italian one... Tiramisu was good. but the ice cream is better!! lol...

20th May 2010, Thurstook cab to Vivo City with Catherine and Michelle for Aoba - Hokkaido Ramen...

I had the Set Lunch, Ramen with Gyoza... Noodles quite chewy, shoyu soup base is just nice... Best is the Gyoza especially the White Sesame ones..)

Bought this giant size Dairy Milk Bar and a pack of jelly beans from Candy Empire

21st May 2010, Fri

after work meet up with Jeremy and head to Triple One Somerset's Apple's Bee for dinner, i had this Middle-rare Ribeye Steak (so so only), paired with a Sweet & Spicy Pork Ribs (their are worth trying), sided with mashed potatoes (Love the mashed potatoes)....

Jeremy's Ribeye steak with garlie prawns (but turns out wrong order, he was given grilled chicken instead of garlie prawn, then later they served the prawn to us)

and the free garlie prawns came along!!! keke

overall i say can try out this place lar... although service is ok nia... n their service system quite cork up, bill came up to us or other tables are all questioned by the customers.

22nd May 2010, Sat

meet up with two besties Mike n Vin... dinner at Paragon's Soup Spoon's Beef Goulash....

then drinks at Ochacha, my Lychee Freezie

23rd May 2010, Sun

dinner at home with sis... so called Pizza Hut Delivery... the Chrunchy Cheesy Bites.... not really tasty lar.. too cheezy le... but the garlie bread is still the best... mum scolded us for ordering so expensive dinner.. lol... cos we claim from her.. =x

24th May 2010, Monday

Once the clock striks 12minight... i called Derek... then i played the electrical Piano/keyboard "Happy Birthday" tone for him... ya... something i learn quite last min actually.. but i only managed to get 3/4 of the tone right.. =) first time doing this for someone's b'day...

have to be sorry that i diden give him a present or make something for him... (although much later then i found out he actually thinks that price of the items doesn't matter much as long the person who is giving is sincere) this is a plus point for him=)

25th May 2010, Tues

Meet up with primary schoolmate Hong Chang @ Mandarin Gallery's ArTeaStiq... my Raffles Dessert (Earl Grey Lavender Tea with Champagne Vanilla Gelato) nice!!!!!!!

Tried their Crispy Wraps filled with Homely Curry Chicken... quite nice actually...

27th May 2010, Thurs

after work, dinner with Jeremy @ Selegie's Mr Bean's 24hrs cafe, his Lasagna (pathetic small portion but full of minced meat)

i had the Sausage Sampler for $18.50 i seriously think that they are over charging me... and those sausage are cheap sausage... and they taste normal... i NEVER WANT TO GO BACK AGAIN...

Then we headed to Hardy Road's 1 Caramel (The Luxe Condo Lobby) for desserts... we shared this Mango Mascarpone (if only u like coconut u will like this)

His choice was thei Caramelized Banana Crunch topped with a scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream (i love the Paper like Crunchy Sweet Sheet) dun know what it is made of... but is really sweet n tasty... a must order for those sweet-tooth ppl... LOLz

My minty Pear Smoothie very nice...

His Caramel Coffee Shake...

30th May 2010, Sun

at home doing nothing much... was flipping the ikea magazine and saw this...

it reminds me of you.. =)

on n off i have been mad about you sometimes over like forgetting to call me or small small things... but i know that i always melts whenever you just try to apologize... 

i must say is... although we never meet in person before... and all the while the both of us jus chatted on skype n phone... but feeling is strong... just lack of the first meet, first touch, first eye to eye look, first kiss, and the many many first....

hopefully when you are back in SG once after ur exams.... everythings between us can come clean... cos i dun wan to hang there n not knowing whether i will like/love you in person... missing you everyday... Loves...

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