ToShiYaKi » Hi Alicia, thanks for looking at the blog. been too lazy to update the delicious photos nowadays. you take care and study harder!
Alicia » Hey just wanted to let you know the pictures on ur blog really make me miss home as i'm studying abroad, hope you keep it up! tc
hsuan » why no update
ToShiYaKi » hSUAN!! it's updated.. thanks for looking for new updates... u are one of my frequent reader =) hugs. and i know there is some slient reader too=)
ToShiYaKi » the one at City Hall which is no longer there anymore.. lol..
titttt » may i know which Adidas Boutique u went to? pls tell me thanks
ToShiYaKi » thanks dorcas.. =) sorry thatt day at my party we diden take individual pix..
Dorcas » I was here!!!
ToShiYaKi » to Titttt... i got it at the Adidas boutique... =)
Titttt » hi where do u buy ur adidas coinpurse?
hSUAN » yes bored in office..please update update..
ToShiYaKi » sorry for keep delaying the entries.. lol...
ToShiYaKi » Sandy.. you must be too bored in office le bah.. lol..
Chogaijin -trev » Nice blog! Hope we can chat sometime!
ToShiYaKi » new song uploaded... cheerful tone.. but it means something... I Wonder How, I Wonder Why...
jevon » me one of ur silent reader....i love reading urblog so colorful and interesting keep it up
Julius » Hey dude!! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!! tak to you soon!
Andy & Benjamin » hihi, merry x'mas wor.. =)
ToShiYaKi » to MarcusT.... thanks for ur support.. i might have some slient reader here since i started my blog.. but thanks.. do come out n speak to me.. love to hear from u guys..
ToShiYaKi » updated October entry.. lol.. hope my friends enjoying reading n looking at the pictures.. lol..
ToShiYaKi » i am doing good jevon... thanks.. =)
jevon » are you? glad to know u blog....take care....
ToShiYaKi » yea... thanks for reading too.. lol.. take care...
derick » u start to blog again? good to hear that...
ToShiYaKi » To Ken.. erm... maybe you are not using the correct player.. perhaps u should download the codec then u can play the movie..
ToShiYaKi » thanks. reality..
reality » welcome back
reality » welcome back
okyn » Hey, wish u the best success in ur studies...
derick » wats a polo sweet?
jevon » i wan to learn how to make the rose using polo sweets
Derick » i thought u know how to make already monster
jevon » can u teach me how to make the rose
JJUS » Good luck for your this current love! Make sure its a hit!:]
Julius » hope u guys stay together and love each other endlessly.....1st three months is hard, hang in there!!! Take care!!! Loves, Jul
y » do stay together, andre sounds good for u
ToShiYaKi » to dre... i know you will... thanks for loving me so much... i hope that the love from u never come to a stop
ToShiYaKi » To Kira... yup.. indeed it is a very nice movie.. great u love it too.. =)
Kira » it's a nice movie. thnx for sharing. I love it! (n enjoying the cute guys of cos )
dre » love ya, and i always will...
derick » so sianzz...
Julius » Oh, ok.....take care and be safe!
Julius » Oh, ok.....take care and be safe!
KentXavier » Hey, just saw your tag.. Lolxx.. Care to intro ?
ToShiYaKi » to ... sure.. but how? the files are pretty big honestly.. lol... if u wan u can email me or msn me @
:P » hey can i get the movie st8 frm u??? can't seem to download it
ToShiYaKi » To Julius, reason why he was censored is because he told me he dun believe in blogging, and he said i can blog watever i wan, jus keep him out of this blog.
ToShiYaKi » Thanks Mr. Reality. Praying pretty hard he is..
Julius » erm dude? y censored his face? Anxious to c his face leh....take care! sorry for being ke-po! hahas!
Julius » Congrats!!! Keep the fire burning!! Best Wishes2u n him! nope, im jz a fan of ur blog! tek cre! cheers!
reality » im glad he is treating you well. hopefully everything will turn out well. =)
reality » im glad he is treating you well. hopefully everything will turn out well. =)
ToShiYaKi » To Julius, erm.. yup the gd news have came. we are officially together on 4th of April '08. lol.. hope u n ur bf r better now. anyway do i know u in person?
julius » wah!! wilb waiting for the good news. I juz got thru a huge fight with my bf. Haizz, l-d-r.....tek care and b safe!
ToShiYaKi » to Julius, i believe i considered myself attached le ba.. lol.. seeing someone special enough to consider him to be my bf, jus waiting for the day for him to ask for my hand. =)
Julius » are you attached?
ToShiYaKi » to Julius, thanks for popping by again. think i am fine at the moment. thanks for ur concern.
ToShiYaKi » to SUPPORTER.. thanks for reading.. am quite lengthy n naggy bah... anyway sometimes i also dun know who is who cos the nick used are not some name that i am familiar with. hehe thanks anyway, TaTa
ToShiYaKi » so Von... can't make it.. on night shift. u guys enjoy ok? take care.
von » wanna go clubbing on 29th March which is this coming saturday? my dar also coming along?
von » wanna go clubbing on 29th March which is this coming saturday? my dar also coming along?
von » ur blog are so exciting hahaha take care
julius » hey toshiyaki! hw hav you been doing? Its been a while since I last dropped a message here. sad to read tat u had broke up with ur-x. so many things are changin. u take care n b safe! cheers!
reality » eh ur entry damn lagged can? so long ago already and u still wanna blog about it? I'm sure u have new updated things to blog about.
SUPPORTER » Hmms, its been so long since I last tagged, wah, your entries can take me a day to finish, nuh, I'm kidding! wahahahha. :] Anyway, hope you're doing well now!:]
ToShiYaKi » to derick, i dun know who is he/she also.. lol.. anyway jus let it be bah.. thx for tagging. enjoy ur day..
derick » i bet that someone dun dare to post here anymore...
ToShiYaKi » to Von, am not sure if someone is referring to me.. but certainly i am one with brainsss, one on left another on right. so who's the childish one calling ppl childish?
von » to someone: maybe u was not equip with brains the moment you arrive onto planet earth.....take a look at yourself before commenting on other ppl....childish freaks and defame ppl in their blog.. .
ToShiYaKi » to reality.. dun be shocked lar... always say i nv update ... then update liao u say till like that..whaha...
reality » one shot post so many entires. i was like 'wad happened?' when i receive the alerts from my mail
ToShiYaKi » to Derick & Psbey.. thanks... am looking still.. nvm give up for sure.. =) thanks for the encouragement... hugs
derick » u can be a good bf even if u are wont be a waste to..
psbey » hey u look gd, but i hope u wld change ya mind into luving a girl, i think u can be a v v good bf...don waste yea
ToShiYaKi » to T... is Zhong Hong... he is not aj...
ToShiYaKi » to Name who leaves a comment earlier on, i diden continue with Ryan because is he doesn't want to... so i got nothing to say or do much.. =) not that i found new one
ToShiYaKi » to ah BONG.... yes... relationships is unpredictable...
ToShiYaKi » obviously the someone who will say me this way is the "You Know Who" no need to say so much... like i care...
someone » u are sooo suck lo... slut like a bitch !!! only knoe to bitch around wit alots of guy... yucks...
ToShiYaKi » thanks to passerby....
ToShiYaKi » lol... erm... 3some club huh? lol... most likely after CNY bah... me having attachment this week quite tired plus got project need to finish before POP... =)
derick » with me, jevon and u...???
jevon » how r u i wanna date u to clubbing with my dar when are you free to do so?
ToShiYaKi » to derick, zhong hong is the one that i meet on 30 Dec 07.. the one in green strips... he is my best sec guy friend.. lol... anyway i dun link ppl de... lol... club??? with u only huh? lol
kenshibioi » where to download the song, would you be there
derick » u dun have link to other blog meh??? Like mine??
derick » maybe we can go clubbing together one day?
derick » any pic of zhonghan??
ToShiYaKi » to T... whaha.. yup he was my sec sch best mate.. got crush on him de... he is damn "big" in his swimming trunks... lol..
T » SORRY it's zhonghan
T » just wanna say ur frd garrick is cute
Derick » Hihi...
ToShiYaKi » Dor.... tat picture isn't Ryan lah... whaha... that is Jonathan... lol...
Dor » hey,so long havent been here to read ur blog..hope u're still doing okay..and oh btw..Ryan is damn cute! *sweets*
ToShiYaKi » to Von... yup.. all my songs are related to my feelings... or perhaps is meaningful to me for someone...
von aka derick beau » happy belated new year. i realise that all ur songs sound so emo. heh heh.
Andi » HI! Happy 2008!
ToShiYaKi » Tag Tag Tag!!! hehe...